The Magic of Recycling was produced by Steffan Soule in 1989. Steffan was the first magician in the world to create and perform magic with this theme. His success with the magic of recycling led to major sponsors like Seattle Solid Waste, and then many magicians began to copy the show which often happens with a good idea. Steffan's show is the most sophisticated and most highly regarded as well as the original! It is top notch. Steffan Soule performs educational magic shows on recycling for all ages: Elementary Schools to Colleges. The Recycling Magic show by Steffan Soule is one of the best one person educational shows for school assemblies in the country. Recycling Magic works because the magician is a great technician, performer, children's educator and writer. The Recycling Message makes it's way into each and every magic effect in the "Magic of Recycling" show.

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Recycling Magic Show
School assembly
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Steffan Soule has performed his show entitled "The Magic of Recycling" for Seattle Public Elementary Schools, Seattle Solid Waste, Snohomish County Elementary Schools, Snohomish County Solid Waste, Yakima, Kitsap County and other districts and States since 1990. The show has since toured nationwide.
Magician on Recycling for School Assemblies.
The Magic of Recycling has won awards and been very well received by students and faculty. The numerous evaluations from faculty and staff are always remarkable; many say it is the best assembly show they have ever seen.

Recycling Magician: inventor of "The Magic of Recycling".

"The Magic of Recycling" has been performed in every elementary school in Seattle, all over Snohomish County, and in many Jr. High, High Schools & Colleges. Soule's shows "The Magic of Our Water" and "The Magician with Answers about Hazardous Waste" have toured the Northwest as well.
Children's Entertainer - Magic Shows for Young Audiences. Performing for schools and children since 1979, he has a "real way with kids" and communicates effectively with children through his magic and script. Every visual and enchanting magic effect that Steffan performs demonstrates an aspect of the theme. The Recycling, Water and Hazardous Waste shows are designed for grades K-6 and he also has an Electricity show for grades 7-12. Each show has been adapted to all age groups and enhanced to communicate information relevant to specific programs and curriculum.


The Magic of Recycling Video

dsl cable video of

"The Magic of Recycling"

The Magic of Recycling Video.

The Magic of Recycling Video.
Video of Magic for Young Audiences.

dsl cable video of

"Magic for Young Audiences"

Video of Magic for Young Audiences. Video of Magic for Young Audiences.
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"The Magic of Recycling" - two versions:
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See also "The Magic of Our Water"

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