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Steffan Soule’s interactive magic entertains all ages and presents wonderfully in private homes, banquet rooms, theaters, outdoor parks & school gymnasiums.


banquet entertainment
after dinner magic shows
on a stage, a platform, the floor or outdoors

astounding close up magic shows
strolling at your reception
or in front of your whole group

Magic for astounding and memorable events...

Slide through the pictures above and play the videos below for examples of Steffan Soule’s variety of magic shows and levels of production. Then contact us for pricing and availability.

Videos of Close-Up and Stage Magician for Corporate Events, Meaningful Parties, Educational Magic Shows and more...

Excellent magic shows for all events. When you have a group that wants a fun experience, Steffan Soule’s performance will amaze, astound and entertain your audience.

Filter the Video List below:

mDeck Videos

This post will show a post grid of the performance videos of the mDeck.

mDeck Cards ready to go

For the mDeck “Magic Cards” which is revealed here (on our subscription only vimeo learning channel), click here (recommended for beginners). Performing Any Card at Any Number (ACAAN) has never been this practical or even possible until now. The mDeck 2020 with the Steffan Soule stack. mDeck playing cards – ready to go – in […]

Water Festival 2016

Last year’s WaterFest was 2015 and the Flint news was not out yet. This year, although we didn’t mention it to the students, the Water Problems, and needed solutions, are on all our minds!

For producers of Still Life with Iris wishing to include the magic

Steffan Soule co-created, co-produced and performed in the original production of “Still Life with Iris”. The play features the magic of Steffan Soule and author/illustrator Cooper Edens. Steffan worked on the creation of this play with Linda Hartzell and Seattle Children’s Theatre from 1993 through 1998. There were many phases of development from conception to […]

Dreams, Magic & Miracles in Auburn

An Incredible Evening of Magic! Saturday, April 21st 2012, 7:30 pm Subscribers to our newsletter will receive special notices about this production. Presented by the City of Auburn and selected for their prestigious Bravo Performing Arts Season: learn more. Seeour description on the Bravo list! Here is the map of the location of the performance […]

Steffan Soule’s SFX Magic in Mysterian

Steffan Soule’s SFX Magic in Mysterian. The longest running magic show on the West Coast began in 1999 with a perfect SFX system in a theatre built for the show. Steffan Soule performs artistic magic for the corporate and family audience aimed at invoking wonder, astonishment and awe. His tools are large-scale-grand illusions like his […]

Wireless Midi

Steffan Soule’s Wireless MIDI used in Mysterian® Wireless MIDI to trigger SFX for theatres, magic shows, performance art! To Home Page   This incredible magic theatre designed for the magic of Steffan Soule uses an ETC DMX lighting system with over 48 dimmers, 4 High End T-Beams, 125 light channels, an O2R sound board and […]

Performance for the Parliament of World’s Religions

October 15th, Salt Lake City, Steffan Soule presents “Attention, Magic and the Golden Rule” for the Parliament of the World’s Religions. Steffan Soule’s magic presentation “Attention, Magic and the Golden Rule” gives practical ways to experience non-violence, create real relationships and reduce bullying. The Golden Rule Project, founded in Salt Lake City, sponsors Steffan’s performances […]

Golden Rule Shuffle

In the ordinary shuffle of life, we can engage with the Golden Rule shuffle. It is a practice, to keep your attention on your self and the others around you. When we do the Golden Rule shuffle, the idea of “treating others how you would like to be treated” becomes more and more obvious, more […]

Experience the magic presentation at a school assembly

Magician Steffan Soule focuses on the power of attention and how we can use our attention to apply the Golden Rule in a variety of situations. While demonstrating magic effects that visually relate to the curriculum, Steffan transfers methods for anti-bullying in this exciting, positive and educational assembly. Attention, Magic and the Golden Rule is […]

The Golden Rule Magic Show

Golden Rule Educational Magic Assembly How do we apply our attention to the Golden Rule to reduce “wrecking behavior” (bullying) and support “building behavior”? Find out during this fun and focused performance, and use our pre- and post-activities to bring the message into the classrooms and onto the playgrounds. Golden Rule Activities …to support students […]


Steffan Soule’s school shows make magic with the student body, teachers and event organizers! He presents astounding performances, educational assemblies and special arts programs to colleges, high schools and elementary schools. Here are seven videos of Steffan with different ages of students and grade levels and schools from K-PHD. An example of Steffan’s work for […]

Why Magic?

agic is a universal language. Astonishment, mystery, awe and wonder are whole brained experiences that enliven audiences of all ages. When you engage a live magic show at your event and provide the right space for it to thrive, you are giving your audience a great theatrical experience. ho should we get? Is there a difference between […]

Print the TetraFlexagon

To print the Tetraflexagon, you must print in color on both sides, and each side must line up perfectly!

Rehearse the Tetraflexagon

In order to Perform the Tetraflexagon, you will want to spend some time preparing. In the performing arts, this is known as rehearsal.

Golden Rule Tetra-Flexagon – everything about the GRTF

In this area we share the videos, the PDF, the Instructions for how to build, rehearse and perform Steffan Soule’s Golden Rule Tetra-Flexagon (GRTF). Below there are four videos, and the written instructions can be found in the posts associated with the videos.    

Anti Bullying Golden Rule Assembly Highlights

One of the reasons this assembly works for all ages, but even for Junior High School age audiences, is that we grab their attention at the outset with an original magic series using real lightning and lightbulbs that light up with no apparent visible means. Then Steffan causes one of the lightbulbs to levitate and […]

The Magic of Our Water

Steffan Soule’s The Magic of Our Water shows students: Students see visible magic effects with water during which water magically: Steffan’s “Magic of Our Water” is performed for 1400 students and teachers at the Children’s Clean Water Festival in Portland and for many years in a row at Kitsap County’s Water Fest which serves all of […]

The Magic of Recycling

Steffan Soule has performed “The Magic of Recycling” for Seattle Public Elementary Schools, Seattle Solid Waste, Snohomish County Elementary Schools, Snohomish County Solid Waste, Yakima, Kitsap County and other districts and States since 1990. The show currently tours nationwide. The Magic of Recycling has won awards and is always well received by students and faculty. […]

Elementary Schools

Steffan Soule performs excellent magic shows for elementary schools!. Any time a PTSA or an assembly coordinator needs a quality performance, Steffan Soule fills the bill. His shows for grade schools have been sponsored by government utilities and agencies and consequently have been rated and evaluated by hundreds of teachers and students after each performance. […]

Magic for High Schools

Steffan rocks high school audiences with his graduation party shows and deeply engages them with his educational shows. In Steffan Soule, you will find the great performer needed for today’s high school groups. Steffan performing on ESPN for a national show on high school teams. Top notch entertainer for high schools and college age crowds. […]

Magic for Colleges

Steffan Soule performs excellent magic shows for a variety of college events and performance arts programs. To learn more about his shows, visit the corporate events section of this website. Magic shows for college groups are similar to company parties. Do pay close attention to the videos, and you will see that Steffan, live-on-stage, is […]

Theatrical Productions

Steffan Soule designs magic for theatrical productions. This page is coming soon…   Still Life with Iris Written by Steven Dietz Directed by Linda Hartzell Featuring the Magic of Steffan Soule & Cooper Edens Sorcerer’s Apprentice By OyamO Music by Carman Moore Directed by Linda Hartzell Magic Design by Steffan Soule    

Mysterian Magic

See large video footage of Dreams, Magic & Miracles live on stage. Public Performances like Mysterian (largest & longest running magic show on the west coast or “big show–five years running”…) and Dreams, Magic & Miracles by Steffan Soule & Cooper Edens continue in the tradition of stage magic. Stay tuned here and be sure […]

Dreams, Magic & Miracles

See large video footage of Dreams, Magic & Miracles live on stage. Public Performances like Mysterian (largest & longest running magic show on the west coast or “big show–five years running”…) and Dreams, Magic & Miracles by Steffan Soule & Cooper Edens continue in the tradition of stage magic. Stay tuned here and be sure […]

Public Appearances

Upcoming Public Appearances Steffan Soule performs in Salt Lake City, Utah Now through February 2nd, see for details. January 29th at 10:30 AM at Granite Park January 30th at 10:30 AM at Westlake Jr. High January 31st at 12:30 PM at Eisenhower Jr. High February 1st at 8:30 AM at the Utah Cultural Celebration Center February 2nd at 8:30 […]

Rates & Packages

Steffan Soule’s creative, theatrical magic will make your next event extraordinary. Steffan Soule’s corporate style magic performed for all ages in a variety of settings guarantees success. From theatres to private homes, from banquet rooms to hospitality suites, Steffan Soule delivers world class magic to every event. Recognized with a Kennedy Center Award and seen […]

Clients & References

Starbucks, Microsoft, Boeing, IBM, Phillip Morris, Westin Hotels, Honeywell, HP, Safeco Insurance, Holland America, United States Olympics, members of Congress, Legislators, Mayors, famous musicians and 1000 corporations nationwide have hired Steffan for large and small performances. Steffan’s client list is impressive. He often works directly with the CEO to pull off some very creative events. […]

Custom Magic

Steffan performs with logos, buzz words, a little inside information about a project, person or event, and stories from your group. He weaves your company’s history and vision of the future into a compelling show for right NOW. Playing cards with the company’s name, appearing CEOs, floating logos and spinning products: these are in Steffan’s […]

Stage Magic

Steffan Soule presents artistic magic designed for high level corporate events and seasoned for the corporate & family audience. Steffan Soule has crafted his show for the modern corporate audience while writing custom magic shows for top executives at national sales meetings, corporate retreats and annual events.If you want a guaranteed excellent performance that communicates […]

Close Up Magic

Close Up Magic performed table to table, person to person, group to group adds an amazing flair to a party, hospitality suite or trade show. Strolling close-up magic or table top magic creates powerful, entertaining and predictably astounding experiences for your guests. Need your group to network? Close Up Magic breaks the ice and gets […]

Keynote Speaker

Looking for a great keynote speaker with an amazing performance? Do you plan important company functions and events? Steffan Soule delivers corporate style magic with content that applies to your business. His latest show, “Accomplish the Impossible” reveals the six secrets to improving and perfecting any business process. From his book on the subject, Steffan […]

Corporate Magic!

Looking for a great performance for an important event? Steffan Soule is an amazing corporate style magician with an incredible repertoire. Below are video clips of live footage from parties, banquets, seminars and meetings featuring Steffan Soule’s corporate style magic. As Keynote speaker for Employee Services Management Association in Florida, Steffan Soule performed “Accomplish the […]

Young Audiences

Magician for Teens and High School Grad Parties Birthday Parties in Seattle Bellevue Redmond Kirkland and Renton just got more magical.

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Why have a magician or a magic show?

Magic is a universal language. Astonishment, mystery, awe and wonder are whole brained experiences that enliven audiences of all ages. When you engage a live magic show at your event and provide the right space for it to thrive, you are giving your audience a great theatrical experience.

Master magician Steffan Soule from Seattle, WA

Touring magic shows in Washington State, Idaho, Utah, Oregon, Vermont, Massachusetts, Maine and Nationwide

Performing in cities: Odgen, Salt Lake City, Seattle, Tacoma, Portland, Boston, New York, Bridgeton, Brattleboro, Harrison, Concord, Boise, Sandpoint, and many more.
Performing for company parties, corporate events, special events, private parties, social events, trade shows, hospitality suites, theaters, banquets, lunches, breakfast meetings, festivals, fairs, schools, adults and children.