mDeck Professional Magicians Competition and Challenge

The mDeck Professional Magicians Competition and Challenge

Inventor of the mDeck, a game changer in card magic, Steffan Soule presents a challenge to find the best performance in English on Zoom using the mDeck. Anyone can apply. Having access to the app and the learning videos is a requirement for anyone entering the challenge. This is to self regulate the entries. Only experienced performers are likely to try to win the prize. Learn more.

The first prize winner gets the full version of the app, a featured video online at mDeck Headquarters and $100. The winner will also be featured on the Roster which is a list of pros who can easily present the mDeck with great success. But please do not purchase the app yet. Please follow the guidance here and you can get a link with a coupon code if you are wanting to proceed with the mDeck magician challenge.

  1. Send us a Video of your faro shuffle please.
  2. Add a reply comment here below to let us know you wish to apply. (Register to make reply/comments at this site which is something we hope our mDeck experts like you are becoming will do as we share future posts with conversations about using and enjoying the mDeck. Click here to go to where you login once you have login credentials.)
  3. We will set up a meeting for a brief interview.
  4. We will send you the mDeck App link with a Promo Code
  5. You will learn the entire system with Steffan Soule in a recorded webinar. This will be super fun.
  6. Study but save some of your ACAAN trials for the competition.
  7. Compete: make a video of your online presentation using the mDeck and we will decide which video is the best. The best presentation will be listed on the roster as such and will be featured at the performance streaming site for this project where clients will find you and your contact info.
  8. All competition videos will be shown on the mDeck channels at the appropriate times.

*Rules subject to change at any time without notice and publisher has final say.

If you are a magician looking to experiment with great material and end up with a killer zoom presentation featuring the mDeck, then join us now!

Legitimate Warnings:

  1. Magic can be a deep study, and it can cost time and money to perfect.
  2. The Secret is way more fun not to know, so don’t learn it unless you have to.
  3. The mDeck is priced high for good reasons, and because magic works the opposite of the market due to the ethics of the profession, pricing will go down at a rate (over time) that is proportional to the public interest measured with the sincere wishes of professional magicians involved in presenting these miraculous effects to elevated heights of wonder. If prices reflect the professional valuation of this application, we anticipate that the mDeck will be priced appropriately for hobbyists and brain-therapists sometime in mid 2021. Although waiting for the price reduction at that time is recommended by the app publisher, we welcome hobbyists, brain-therapist and others to work with the mDeck now and not wait for the reduction that is reasonably inevitable. We simply want you to know that the magician market is different from normal markets and how. Just please be sure to value the secrets of the performance-magic-art profession by not revealing those secrets for mere curiosity!

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