mDeck Performers

Presenters, Handlers and Magicians with the mDeck:

Click here for our mDeck on-demand video learning. Learn about the mDeck Magician Challenge.

We encourage magicians to perfect the original mDeck. Due to current conditions in the Performing Arts, the need for an increase in attention spans, and the need for good mind-bending online-experiences, to join the roster, just for the time being (“PhaseOne”), please send Proof of Faro Shuffle. After Phase One, this will no longer be a requirement.


Everyone interested in the art of magic and interested in this way of presenting card magic is participating in the mDeck economy because the mDeck involves secrets and great surprises. And like a good movie, no one wants to spoil it by giving too much away. Magicians always make some efforts and often will sacrifice something or pay for R&D — even to an outrageous degree beyond what mere mortals would ever do — just in order to attain a great work of magical art…, maybe! But we are all part of it with the mDeck if we are interested in this work either as an event planner, a presenter, an audience member, or like some, all three.

By releasing this app and system of card magic in phases, we are practising this app experience the same way a magician would approach the situation. What appears to be initial exclusions with price and skill are actually a big part of what we all must pay for the art of magic to thrive. Magicians understand sacrifice and payment. Magic is always worth the preparation! Learn more about the mDeck concept and values here.

We look for the the faces of the mDeck before and after the two shuffles, and we look to see the entire deck the entire time while the shuffles are occuring.

We will send a Zoom-Link to you for ‘an mDeck interview’ after reviewing the shuffles and before adding you to the roster. Genuine mDeck performers will be listed here on the roster after the mDeck Magician Challenge is finished and the competition winner is announced.

Those using the easy, no faro, Super mDeck2 or other decks in the mDeck-App will be joining this roster later. For the first phase, we begin with those who have card skills and with the original mDeck. Phase Two will add in numerous other presenters and will open up endless possibilities. Those of you who clearly wish to be on the roster but are waiting for phase two, know that we are moving toward this as perfectly as we can. You can help by following our updates here, or please follow by joining our mDeck mailing list.

No purchase necessary to be listed, however, you must have access to the mDeck-App for your listing to be complete.

You may also want to participate in the mDeck Magician’s Challenge. With that pathway into the mDeck, expenses are minimal to nil. (Should a student with little resources express sincere wish to be part of Phase One, expenses will not be an issue.)

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Roster of zoom presenters (a growing list from the publisher of Any Card At Any Number):
  1. Steffan Soule: | 206-232-9129 | zoom-link
  2. Your name here, see “Join the Roster”!


Parties, Events and Zoom Hosts?

mDeck online zoom presentations can be lined up by contacting the performers on the roster.