mDeck Cards ready to go

For the mDeck “Magic Cards” which is revealed here (on our subscription only vimeo learning channel), click here (recommended for beginners).

Watch this space for mDeck Playing Cards.

Performing Any Card at Any Number (ACAAN) has never been this practical or even possible until now.

The mDeck 2020 with the Steffan Soule stack.

mDeck playing cards – ready to go – in the sequence that is right for your free mDeck App:

To get your own mDeck (in a stripped deck for “shuffling” as shown on our subscription vimeo), click here.

To get your mDeck as a stripped Bicycle Deck of the higher quality for those who are experienced with the Faro Shuffle, click here.

The App is obtainable for free in the Apple App Store. For other versions (other Line-Ups or Stacks), click here.