Still Life with Iris

The play, Still Life with Iris, written by Steven Dietz featuring the magic of Steffan Soule and Cooper Edens

The Story of Still Life with Iris

The Story of the Play Still Life with Iris is based on Cooper Edens Caretakers of Wonder and the Magic of Steffan Soule along with original material from the author, Steven Dietz. The blending of these artists and their visions is recognized with a Kennedy Center Award for the Arts.

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Still Life with Iris – Various Productions

The Chicago Journal writes, “Soule came to Chicago and worked with the performers for this production, which is evident in the actors’ expert execution of an array of impressive magic tricks and sleights of hand.

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Award from the Kennedy Center

This collaborative project, “Still Life with Iris”, was awarded a grant from the Fund for New American Plays, a project of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in cooperation with the President’s Committee on Arts and the Humanities.

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Links to Still Life posts

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