Close Up Magic Shows for Corporate Groups and ages 8 on...

Adults and teens, even 8 year olds, love “Close-Up.”

Close-Up Magic Shows: clear the table, crowd around and brace yourself for an action packed, mind-blowing show.

Examples of Steffan Soule’s amazing close-up magic productions:

Videos of Close Up Magic

With endless ways to present Close Up Magic, the best approach to a memorable and entertaining experience for your event is to contact Steffan Soule.

Play the videos below to get a feeling for the close-up magic experience.

Need to see videos of magic for Trade Shows and Hospitality Suites?

We have videos showing the magic of Steffan Soule for trade shows, hospitality suites, and for all ages.

The top menu links to magic for different audiences and various sizes of shows from an hour with a deck of cards to a show in front of a large audience in a stadium with grand illusions.

Master magician Steffan Soule from Seattle, WA

Touring magic shows in Washington State, Idaho, Utah, Oregon, Vermont, Massachusetts, Maine and Nationwide. Cities near Seattle, Portland, Salt Lake City, Boston, San Francisco are local for magician Steffan Soule’s events.

Steffan can perform close up magic for kids under 8 years old with special preparation. Once a person begins to like chess or strategy games and especially cards, like backgammon or bridge, they begin to love close up magic. For close up shows, the architecture of the room, the activities of the event and the size of the group all factor into the master plan for a great experience.