The Magic of Our Water

Steffan Soule’s The Magic of Our Water shows students:

  • The amount of drinkable water is very small compared to the total amount of water on earth.
  • We need water to live.
  • We need to conserve our water.
  • We need to preserve our water.
  • Water picks up contamination as it moves over and through the earth.
  • Potable water flows underground in aquifers, and what we do above the ground effects the quality of the water under the ground.

Students see visible magic effects with water during which water magically:

disappears during an explanation of the water cycle;
changes from dark and polluted to clear and drinkable;
grows in volume while the contamination problem is revealed;
flows invisibly past what appear to be solid barriers into a container representing “the aquifer”;
pumps through a student in order to “clean it”.
Steffan’s “Magic of Our Water” is performed for 1400 students and teachers at the Children’s Clean Water Festival in Portland and for many years in a row at Kitsap County’s Water Fest which serves all of that county’s fourth graders. These and other festivals use Steffan’s show as the anchor for large groups in the main theatre.




Water Festival 2016

Last year’s WaterFest was 2015 and the Flint news was not out yet. This year, although we didn’t mention it to the students, the Water Problems, and needed solutions, are on all our minds!

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