Magic Shows for the Corporate & Family Audience

The audience makes the magic! The architecture of the venue, the activities of the event and the size of the group all factor into the master plan for a great magic show.

Then, as it turns out, the skill of the magician matters.

Slide through the pictures and videos for examples of Steffan Soule’s great magic productions.

Need to see videos of shows for children or teens, picnics, weddings or assemblies?

We have videos showing the magic of Steffan Soule with children, students, teens, corporate executives, college social events, weddings, outdoor events and on and on.

Use the top menu to see many different audiences and all sizes of shows from an hour with a deck of cards to a show in front of a large audience in a stadium.

Master magician Steffan Soule from Seattle, WA

Touring magic shows for banquets and events in Washington State, Idaho, Utah, Oregon, California, Massachusetts, Maine and Nationwide

Cities for stage magician Steffan Soule include: Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, Boston, Chicago and on and on.
Types of audiences for Seattle magician Steffan Soule include: corporate event, banquet dinner show, luncheon, hotel banquet, party, small group event and on and on.