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If you like Any Card At Any Number, you will love the mDeck…

Steffan Soule’s mDeck is a one-of-a-kind, exciting iOS or android app that is dramatically changing the way magicians perform card magic!

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Imagine being able to perform an entire show with nothing more than an app and a deck of cards, and for an investment of under one hundred fifty dollars.

Do it anywhere anytime — close up, strolling, platform, stage, or Zoom. You can use other stacks in mDeck, including Mnemonica and Si Stebbins.

mDeck is a complete package consisting of the app itself, the special stack, a book which is necessary to learn the stack and make use of the full potential of the app, and the training videos which will be updated and added to over time.

And, you can build the deck yourself which contains secrets beyond only the stack, based on instructions in the book.  If you’d rather have one right away, click HERE and we will rush to you a ready to go deck!

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The cleanest versions of Any Card At Any Number — The Holy Grail of Card Magic — require the magician to per-form complicated mental math on the spot. At least they used to…

The mDeck app secretly does the math for the magician. It is disguised as a fun, interactive visual aid for the spectator that illustrates what they are seeing with the physical deck of cards.

mDeck is more than just an app. It’s also a clever NEW stack that allows you to perform many other effects, including Further Than That and Vernon’s Poker Deal IMMEDIATELY following Any Card At Any Number. No reset, no deck switch.



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