Get the App for the mDeck called Any Card At Any Number

Unlock the mDeck App

Once you download the app (free), click the Buy Now button below and purchase a login code to unlock all features of the mDeck app, with the exception of the customized souvenir photo feature (available as an in-app purchase for only $9.99).

To unlock your mDeck app, you simply enter your code in the “Magician’s Login” field found on the main home screen of the app (see image to the right).
This code is unique to you, and to the device that has your app once unlocked.

Please allow up to 24 hours to receive the code, but in most cases you’ll receive the code within two hours. You will only need to enter that code once. If ever you have trouble accessing your mDeck app, please send an
email to: Please be sure to include: your name and the specific device info.

To get a free download of the Stack of the Original mDeck, sign up in the store here and get the free download: click here.

The purpose of this app is to study the Attention and the Magic as shown by the 501c3, Attention, Magic and the Golden Rule. All sales of the products at this site go 100% to supporting the 501c3, Attention, Magic and the Golden Rule.