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If you are a Magician, then you have training that can be very handy when using the App, and there is an option to buy a one time login for one device. Magicians should evaluate if they wish to buy the one time login code from a magic dealer or if they would prefer to use the in-app-purchases. It may be important that you select the right choice for your device and your performance needs. Read the mDeck main page here. Read the full description at the App Store, consider the cost of the in-app-purchases and compare that to the great deal from the Magic Dealers for trained magicians. Each presenter, each magician may have different reasons for choosing either option.

Know that you can download and install the App for Free as of 20210120. Menu 1 functions without the in-app-purchase, so you can check out this App and learn much about the mDeck. In fact you can learn everything in the book, Further Poker! Menus 2,3,4 perform the amazing routines that include Any Card At Any Number. Those menus require the user to unlock them with an in-app-purchase. The main feature of the Magician’s Login is that it makes all the additional mDecks or decks (or stacks, if it must be stated) function for the user. The promotional photo routine inside the App is an additional in-app-purchase.

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