Fun with the mDeck

Fun post…


We are gonna have an amazing first zoom conference… I hope it will be in 2020, but MAGIC is in charge here, so… who knows??!




Hey folks, I know I have been out there a long time. Just been working my ass off as a pro-magish. I said a long time ago that I’d do as many magic shows as god gave me, and i did. The G is implicitly capitalized in the word God. You should know that. I just don’t want to be religious about this at all. I mean, magic is great all by itself, and one can learn basically EVERYTHING by studying magic. So magic is never a waste of time, that is, to be exactly and technically precise: “Magic uses all and everything in the present moment to keep the world magical which always assists the most rapid perfecting of every sacred individual in the room.” So, given that the practice of magic is about sharing, in its very soul/essence, then let’s have some fun with the mDeck together. Yeah it’ll cost you, but you know, it costs me too. This thing is so worth it that we will together even discuss the pricing before PHASE TWO begins: _________ (watch this space).

There is a path to getting the app and instructions right now, for no costs. Please look at joining the roster and at the magician challenge here through the mDeck menus.