Fun with the mDeck


We offer online sessions with the mDeck… MAGIC is in charge here!

As a retired professional magician, I perform on special occasions for the nonprofit “Attention Magic” to promote the Golden Rule, awareness and attention work.

While serving as a pro-magician, committed to securing and performing as many magic shows as humanly possible, I found myself performing at hundreds of appearances per year for decades. After accomplishing constant shows, performances and productions, I love the art of magic more than ever. Magic is great all by itself, and one can learn much about everything by studying magic. So magic is never a waste of time. To be technically precise: “Magic uses all and everything in the present moment to keep the world magical which assists the most rapid perfecting of every individual in the audience.” So, given that the practice of magic is about sharing, at its very essence, let’s have some fun with the mDeck together.

The magic is possible to learn and experience in a session. Click the menu link to join in on one.