Elementary Schools

Steffan Soule performs excellent magic shows for elementary schools!.

Any time a PTSA or an assembly coordinator needs a quality performance, Steffan Soule fills the bill.

His shows for grade schools have been sponsored by government utilities and agencies and consequently have been rated and evaluated by hundreds of teachers and students after each performance. The results average at the top of the scale, great! This is a rare find.

It is a problem to show you this childrens video because you might think that this is all there is… No, dear viewer, there are many styles to children’s magic shows. Please at least also watch the video of Steffan with junior high and elementary together so you see the differences.

And this video of Steffan with mixed ages and many grade levels at once:


If you are looking for a show that is just for fun or for a great environmental, educational or fundraiser magic show, call Steffan Soule at 206.232.9129 to discuss your school’s event.

Great entertainment makes for incredible events. When creating events for children, teens or college groups, you will find Steffan’s Corporate & Special Events video helpful as it shows Steffan’s contrasting styles and amazing ability to work with all ages!

To request promotional material, order the DVD or book a great magic act, call A Touch of Magic at (206) 232-9129
e-mail magic@steffansoule.com