Mysterian the story influenced Magic Spectacular

If you know the story of a ballet, and then you watch the ballet, live on stage, you can sense the influence of the story or maybe you can see the story and follow it. Dance and story are much like magic and story…

Here is the story that influences the production of Mysterian. During its five year run, the cast explored ways to convert the images and metaphors within the story into action. The sequence of the magic effects tells the story along with the characters and the subtle actions within the dance.

Mysterian, the story

While experimenting with the illusory nature of time, magician Steffan Soule (and his friends Henry and Mariah) accidentally break through to the year 2049. They find a society without wonder and imagination. To maintain control, a power possessing ruler known as Hasnamar has eliminated all fun, play and magic from the ordinary existence of people.

From a secret group of Mysterians - people working to keep the world magical - comes a sage named Tovori who is struggling to end Hasnamar's reign. Steffan and his friends discover the mysterious face of Tovori floating in space between dimensions.

Tovori speaks of magic and the need for Mysterians to join forces to overthrow Hasnamar, but he disappears before Steffan can learn the secret of his identity.

Steffan, Henry and Mariah re-emerge with the wish to help Tovori. By performing magic, Steffan hopes to insure that wonder and imagination will never be forgotten. But hope is not enough. Only Tovori can guide Steffan to help him become a Mysterian.