Steffan Soule’s Wireless MIDI used in Mysterian®

Wireless MIDI to trigger SFX for theatres, magic shows, performance art!

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This incredible magic theatre designed for the magic of Steffan Soule uses an ETC DMX lighting system with over 48 dimmers, 4 High End T-Beams, 125 light channels, an O2R sound board and a PC running the best program for controlling cues, SFX, with MIDI Show Control.

The Problem:

When Steffan performs his solo magic shows for a small event, he wants to operate the sound & light cues in SFX (click the GO button) himself. He does not want the audience to see him click a footswitch.


The Solution:

Wireless MIDI! But, in 2002, Steffan’s search on the internet and discussion with international experts like Trimpin turned up zilch.

Some experts were able to make it. Some already offered something close. But nothing fast and easy appeared.

The haunted house infrared wireless guy, whos website has vanished suggested trying a doorbell since they are wireless momentary switches.

It worked!

Steffan connected a switch to the transmitter (doorbell button) and a 1/4 inch plug to the doorbell receiver (the doorbell sound box). He bought many extra doorbell transmitters. Now there are doorbells all over the theatre, on props and on performers, and the show is run from the stage.

The Midi Mouse that once sent a hard wire midi program change from the stage to the SFX sound card in the sound booth is now only used to power the MIDI Solutions Footswitch Controller which sends the necessary hard wire midi program change to SFX when the footswitch goes off. The footswitch however is the doorbell receiver. Instead of hearing “ding dong”, the doorbell signal goes through the 1/4 inch plug — to the Midi Solutions box — to the sound card — to SFX which is set to take each midi program change as a GO command.

Here is what the Heath Zenith Doorbell Model #SL-6150 looks like inside with a reference to where we connected the 1/4 inch plug. You must use your circuit tester to find the correct circuit yourself because there are many options.

Yes, there are occasionally double clicks and no clicks, so Steffan built safeguards into the cues.
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Detailed article about Steffan Soule’s magic with SFX.

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