Close Up Magic

Close Up Magic performed table to table, person to person, group to group adds an amazing flair to a party, hospitality suite or trade show.

Strolling close-up magic or table top magic creates powerful, entertaining and predictably astounding experiences for your guests.

Need your group to network? Close Up Magic breaks the ice and gets people talking.


Bill Gates who has seen Steffan’s work over seven times, including a show in his living room, said,

“Steffan, there is only one magician who is better than you; he was a mathematician with a deck of cards I worked with at MIT. Your show is the best we have had at our company!”

Paul Allen (center with Bill & Steffan) also had some feedback: “Great show. How do you do it?”


The audience entranced by a master magician leads to uber-astonishment.

For many consecutive years, this group of physicists and medical doctors have scheduled Steffan’s close-up magic show to kick off an annual event. Steffan returns every year without fail as if life depended on the show. “Try it”, they will tell you. You must have quality close up magic in your life and at your events.

“I see why the Lewellen’s have had you perform annually for 20 years. It’s because you truly are magical.”
-Tony Cardoza

Have a timeless experience at your event: the close-up magic of Steffan Soule!