Corporate Magic!

Looking for a great performance for an important event? Steffan Soule is an amazing corporate style magician with an incredible repertoire. Below are video clips of live footage from parties, banquets, seminars and meetings featuring Steffan Soule’s corporate style magic.

As Keynote speaker for Employee Services Management Association in Florida, Steffan Soule performed “Accomplish the Impossible” complete with demonstrations about the six aspects of improving every business process from his book “Process Magic”.

As the final Speaker for the Email Authentication Summit in Chicago, Steffan Soule performed his show about Security & Fraud including mind bending effects emulating the scammers, con artists and phishers of the world. For the Avtex Users Conference in Minneapolis, Steffan Soule performed his show about Process Transformation including mind bending effects proving we can work together in miraculous ways. After the session, the planning committee made it clear that Steffan’s message was very well received, and they are left wondering how to top it next year.

Seeing is believing. Order Steffan’s promotional dvd today, and see over 13 videos of Steffan at work integrating magic into company events. The video above shows examples, and though much finer on dvd, you will see that world class magic presented in the right settings makes your events memorable, no actually …unforgettable.