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Bullying – Assertiveness Training

Here is the experience of becoming pro-active in response to bullying as seen on the enneagram or the NTS. (A Nine Term Symbol, an “NTS”, is also referred to as an enneagram.) Responding assertively to an incident of bullying or unacceptable behaviour requires the student to be respectful towards themselves and others equally. Central to […]

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Enneagram of Tennis

Here is the experience of a tennis game as seen on the enneagram or the NTS (A Nine Term Symbol, an “NTS”, is also referred to as an enneagram). I find this approach to be startling and unique. I have never seen an enneagram of a process that repeats in practically no time at all, […]

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Co-Creation Wheel of Twelve

We have seen this Wheel of Co-Creation, and now we can look for it in the patterns shown by Foster Gamble in his documentary called THRIVE. Here he links to the sectors showing problems, challenges and opportunities for us to act, to engage in change or transformation. And here he shows us about the code: They say: ” It is […]

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Art of Choosing with too many choices

Have you seen Sheena Iyengar on She has a great talk called “How to make choosing easier.” At the date of this article’s first appearance here, there were over 402,000 views of her TED-talk, now in 2021, there are 2,881,612 views. She concludes, “…four techniques for mitigating the problem of choice overload — cut — […]

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Creative Energy Needed

Consider the creative energy needed for all of our activities today. The communications coming at us for each project are immense and everything takes time, money and something else…. Creativity. Do you have it? How much? How often? Does it need replenishing like every other energy? Well if you are like me, it helps to […]

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Room for Third Force

Technically there are three forces that involve or evolve within every situation. Technically this can be shown, studied and used for transformation. You can practically get a degree in it for sustainable business or even psychology. But what if you just want to believe it and move on into bringing this third, the reconciling, the […]

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What are the Results?

Accomplish The Impossible seeks to give teams quick and efficient solutions for perfecting the parts and pieces of their process while understanding and supporting the whole. We offer a mind-bending, perspective-changing, straight-to-the-point presentation and engaging materials for getting your team to new levels of productivity. In the first 20 minutes of interacting with our map for […]

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Getting to Work while forming New Structures

My business background is in the Performing Arts, Education & Consulting with an emphasis on understanding structures that help us keep sight of the big picture while we integrate and improve the parts of a process. Basically that’s process improvement, but it’s actually more than that. When studying Knowles’ Process Enneagram*, one can see — […]

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