Room for Third Force

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Technically there are three forces that involve or evolve within every situation. Technically this can be shown, studied and used for transformation. You can practically get a degree in it for sustainable business or even psychology. But what if you just want to believe it and move on into bringing this third, the reconciling, the harmonizing, the equilibrating force into your life and work?


Here are some options.
  1. See the whole picture: the larger process in which you are involved.
  2. Remember that in every part of your smaller process, there are elements of the whole and there are qualities that need to be realized by you for the process to become complete, more whole, more affected by this third force.
  3. Withstand the difference between where we are now and where we want to be.

What does it mean to withstand the difference? Love yourself and others for this gap, and experience the gap quietly with gratitude – if not for the reality it shows to you, then for your own fluctuating attention that you have the power to observe. You have the power of attention. You can connect consciously with your own attention and bring it to the present moment.

It’s true that these three options need practice to even be slightly possible. Repetition is the key but not by a machine. You must be attentive, mindful and open to the mystery of not knowing in order to allow for a new order to emerge that includes you and your outer work efforts, your process—all of which can dramatically increase in quality.

The inner and outer quality of our worlds can and does change as we bring our attention consciously into the equation. Third force has to be generated otherwise we end up with OPPOSING FORCE in everything we do.

Look at the news and the “dialogue” in the media. Even on the most conversant shows like our favorite Charlie Rose or Strombo in Canada, you see the tendency to oppose one idea or one thing with another. Reconciliation is boring for those who can not see its QUALITIES. The reason folks do not see the qualities is because they are invisible like feelings are compared to thoughts.

In any event, you steer the quality of your process and events. We all need to dig in deeper to change ourselves and allow the world to find greater levels of harmonic synergy. We can not do it alone, so here is this blog…. My book shows this in greater detail using the sacred geometry of the enneagram or the Nine Term Symbol which you can find here. Writing that book and creating the website has certainly made these ideas come front and center to my everyday life.

I welcome your comments and replies. Here’s to SYNERGY!