Enneagram of Tennis

Photo by Mike McCune under CC BY 2.0

Here is the experience of a tennis game as seen on the enneagram or the NTS (A Nine Term Symbol, an “NTS”, is also referred to as an enneagram).

I find this approach to be startling and unique. I have never seen an enneagram of a process that repeats in practically no time at all, the time it takes for a ball to travel to the opponent* and back!

So this NTS repeats over and over. This is one of the great things about having a site where users can build their own enneagram symbols and share them with other users.

Play Tennis, click to view full size

This NTS was created by Accomplish The Impossible user Jaime Hernandez. For a dialogue with Jaime, just log in and visit his symbol. He cam to one of my workshops on the enneagram, read the book and mapped out his expertise; and his expertise in the symbol really shows.

For anyone familiar with the language (actually an ancient language) of the enneagram, and for anyone who has read the book, this NTS quickly makes perfect sense. If you have played tennis and understand the NTS, it might take you a few seconds to a few minutes to get the picture from Jaime’s symbol here. Perhaps this can be applied to other sports!

*The opponent is the other player who is part of the Context Triangle at point 3. I see this as body, mind and others all coming together (in sports) for a game of tennis.