Co-Creation Wheel of Twelve

Wheel of Co-Creation, click to view full image

We have seen this Wheel of Co-Creation, and now we can look for it in the patterns shown by Foster Gamble in his documentary called THRIVE.

Here he links to the sectors showing problems, challenges and opportunities for us to act, to engage in change or transformation.

And here he shows us about the code:

They say:

The code may be our most powerful key to thriving.
It is a pattern in nature that exists everywhere from atoms to galaxies. It’s called a “torus.” You can see it in a seed, a fruit, a hurricane, even the electromagnetic field around a person or the earth.  It’s how life sustains and evolves itself, and it serves as a universal template for sustainability in all our systems.
Among other things, the code shows us how to access clean, abundant energy, expand our consciousness, restore health and balance to the planet and live sustainably.”

This entire code idea begins with the triangle of the NTS (the enneagram) and expands out from there as Gurdjieff, Bennett and Buzzell have demonstrated. (Actually it begins in the center of the triangle.) I am very encouraged by this movie and the work Mr. Gamble has taken on. The enneagram can be useful for clarifying the triads and the trans-formative process work involved in the twelve term system of co-creation and synergy. I am sure we will be in contact with this movement as the need for sustainable models of perception, thinking and sharing- understanding continues to rise in relevance.